Whedonopolis – May 13-15, 2016

I’ve been very quiet lately – my day job is keeping me a lot busier than I would like. HOWEVER, not so busy that I don’t have time to put out an anthology, and do a convention now and again. I’ll be doing a few panels at Whedonopolis this coming weekend. It’s a convention for charity, so come out, buy a pass and join in the fun!  http://www.whedoncon.com

I’ll be doing panels on Friday and Saturday – and maybe a few more that we’re working out.

Friday – 8:30-  pm So this one time at con… 

Saturday – 1:00 pm – So Charming, Not Creepy

And in case you missed it, I also made an appearance on the last podcast of Big FanBoy Comics (Now FanBase press) http://fanboycomics.net/index.php/podcasts/fbs-week-in-review/item/6412

And the Story of the Month Club 2015 Anthology, A Baker’s Dozen of Magic, edited by yours truly is out and can be purchased on Amazon.

My patreon page is up and running, but I don’t get to post there as often as I’d like – usually about a chapter a month on the novel, with the occasional Cheesepunk (cheese review). That can be found at www.patreon.com/jabrawner Tell your friends!

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