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ArcadiaPublicLibraryDear Ms. Brawner,
On behalf of the Arcadia Public Library Board of Trustees and the Arcadia Public Library, we thank you very much for participating in the first ever Local Author and Book Festival at the Arcadia Public Library. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you once again and to have you at the event.

Thank you also for a wonderful workshop on the How’s and Why’s of Self-Publishing. The audience really enjoyed the workshop and found it very useful!

We hope you had the opportunity to make some new connections and to have some fun too. From the feedback we received from patrons in attendance, they really enjoyed the event, and especially, to have had the opportunity to meet local authors was indeed special.

With sincere thanks,

Darlene. Bradley
Library Services Manager
Arcadia Public Library


Booking The Library


Dear Jessica,

As a Public Library Director for 43 years, and also as a professional
storyteller and folk musician, I applaud your hard work to make things easier for both librarians and performers.  I know this will be an indispensible tool for both.
Thanks for filling this gap.  This book is sorely needed.
Stan Ransom, MLS
Plattsburgh, NY
P.S.  I just ordered a copy from Amazon. Also, you can quote me if you wish.

Charisma +1Charisma

AMAZING STORIES put up a great review for Charisma +1

Selected Quotes:

“…this book will be a handy reminder of what you already know plus a few things you hadn’t thought about, all presented with a humorous coating that makes it easier to digest.”

Charisma +1 manages to succeed where much of the ongoing discussion does not, primarily because the author uses humor rather than browbeat the reader with a harshly presented list of dos and don’ts.”

“Another thing Ms. Brawner does well is to not single out one subset of people – everyone can use good manners.”

“At 96 pages, Charisma +1 is not a comprehensive guide covering all situations, nor does it claim to be, but what it does do is put readers at ease, helping them feel comfortable in their own actions and in how to react in unpleasant situations. Jessica Brawner’s Charisma +1: The Guide to Convention Etiquette for Gamers, Geeks, and the Socially Awkward is available from WordFire Press.”

Read the full review here