Where on earth have I been….

I know, I know… I should be writing.

Truly I would love to be writing more. I do however have a day-job (not a dirty word), and in a strange (for me) turn of events, what started out as an administrative job two years ago has turned into an actual, professional, career oriented job. On top of that, it seems I’m good at my job, which means they keep giving me more work to do.

I am still working on the Captain Jac novel. I have edits back from my editor – I’ve had them for several months and I am slowly working through them. They’re going well, just slowly.

I’ll have a short story coming out in an anthology called Ghost Hunting Critters in the next month or two, and the final Story of the Month Club anthology (very late, sorry!) will be out in the next month.

Bear with me while I work through this whole ‘career’ thing. It’s thrown me for a loop. There will be more stories to come!


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