In case you haven’t been paying attention

So life has been incredibly busy of late, and a number of things are going on, and coming up!

I will be at Long Beach Comic Con this weekend. I’m not on any panels this time, but I will be wandering around, and happy to chat.

I will be attending Wondercon March 25-27 at the LA convention Center. Probably no panels this time – I’ve been too busy to arrange any!

I will be attending Comic Con International July 21-24th schedule TBA.

I’ve started a Patreon page, ( ) that I would love if you would go support. I’ve got a couple of things going over there – I’m releasing chapters of my Captain Jac novel in the traditional Patreon manner, but to keep things interesting Captain Jac is also writing a column about cheese for Le Papier Marseille, and corresponding with her lover David about the column.

For the curious, the cheeses featured are real, and the columns deal with the taste, texture and smell of each, as well as amusing anecdotes from Captain Jac’s life. Photos of the cheeses provided by Steven L. Sears – who won’t let me credit him on the actual articles.

For those of you keeping track, I also have a day job. It is incredibly busy, and not leaving me as much time to write as I would like. I’m starting to get used to the pace, so I expect (finger’s crossed) that I will get back to writing  in greater quantity on a more regular basis soon.




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