And another year passes, and Thanksgiving Prep continues!

SLS_656222_resizeI had the wonderful good fortune this year to celebrate my birthday with my sweetie out here in Los Angeles. He planned a magical evening at the Magic Castle, and took me to see several magic shows.  (Yes, that’s a lot of magic!)  On top of that – the food at the Castle is divine.  I was also treated to a lovely flower laden cake by my sweetie!


On Sunday, 0I4A6856_resizeThanksgiving Prep continued with house cleaning! The sweetie and I turned the music up loud, and got busy getting ready for guests. Tonight, cooking prep continues. The apple chutney is bubbling merrily on the stove, the sweet potatoes are slow roasting in a crock pot, and I’m going to start the mashed potatoes and granny’s potato rolls next. Thanksgiving is going to be soooooo tasty this year.



The Great Thanksgiving Feast of 2015 – It begins!

I love food. I love to cook, and more specifically I love to cook lots of food for other people. Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to be culinary orgies for me, wherein I get to feed as many of my friends as can fit around my table. This year, my boyfriend and I are hosting together, and so it’s going to be as many of our friends as will fit around -his- table. This works out well, as he’s got more space and a better kitchen setup than I do. There are a couple of things that are going to make this year even more entertaining.

      I have never yet cooked for my boyfriend
      I just moved – I’m not entirely unpacked yet.
      I don’t know exactly how many guests we’re having
          We don’t at present own enough plates for everyone to eat on

I also have a tendency to cook for 30+ people, even if only 10 are expected. And of course other people are bringing food food. That being said – we’re a week out from the big day. I actually started doing prep work and this evening. In the oven right now – the beginnings of a fantastic chicken broth for chicken gravy.

The tentative menu  this year will be: (this does not include what guests are bringing, just what my boyfriend and I are cooking. )
Cheese ball/crab dip
Maybe Deviled Eggs if I have enough energy
Couple 1’s contribution

Main Dishes
Brined Roast Chicken
Spiral sliced Ham
Johnny Mozetti

Side Dishes
Sweet potatoes
Mashed potatoes
Apple Chutney – made from scratch
Cranberry sauce – just a can, nothing special
Chicken Gravy
Couple 2’s Contribution (salad likely)

Potato biscuits – my granny’s recipe!
Maybe a loaf of fresh bread depending on time.

Pumpkin Pie
Guest 3’s Contribution

Obviously there are still a few things outstanding that we have to decide on. And I guess I may have to throw a vegetable of some sort in there – just for forms sake.

But it’s already started off to be a great adventure – I did all my grocery shopping yesterday, got all the way through the checkout line and discovered that I left my wallet at work and had no means of paying for anything. So I had to do the shopping all over again today, and ended up with even MORE stuff in my basket. Not sure how that happened… no really.

As I have time I’ll post recipes that I’m using (except granny’s secret one!) and how things are progressing. I’ve not made most of these things before!