I’m a fangirl, I admit it

All Covers 2015 LargeSo, last year for NaNoWriMo I had the great privilege to be included in the storybundle.com Nano Writing bundle. (This, if you missed it, was a collection of books on writing and selling your books – basically a fantastic collection if you have any desire to be an author.) There were some great authors in that bundle including Kevin J. Anderson, Dave Farland, Brandon Sanderson, Steven L. Sears, etc. You get the idea, basically people that seriously make a living writing and working in creative fields, writing about how to do what they do. They’re all pretty cool people.

This year Story Bundle is doing another writing bundle. For those of you that have never heard of Story Bundle, it’s basically a pay what you feel the items are worth site for bundles of ebooks  (there is a minimum of something like $3) The writing bundle this year is full of great authors again, and if you missed the 2014 bundle, you can pay a bit more ($25 minimum I think) and get the full 25 books. So my book will be included as part of the 2014 bonus books.

As cool as this all is, (and it’s really pretty cool!) my moment of fangirl came when, in discussing things with all of the other authors included, I realized that my inbox contained an email from Judith Tarr. I’ve never met Ms. Tarr in person, but there were a few of her books that I read growing up that I literally read until they fell apart. Like… the covers are taped on… with multiple layers of tape from where I had to tape them up a second time and maybe a third because  I re-read them so often. One of them is held together with a rubber band to keep all the pages together. And I’m in an email thread with her discussing book marketing… because our books are in the same bundle together. *squeeeee!!* I did not, I promise you, dance around in my living room like a madwoman. But I did think about it.

Ok. I’ll take a few deep breaths and calm down now… maybe. (And maybe hope she doesn’t read this) But I know which of the bundle books I’ll be reading first!

If you’re curious about the bundle itself, you can find it at http://storybundle.com/nano
Ahem. So yeah. Apparently I can fangirl, it just doesn’t happen very often.

Life, the Universe, and everything…

The sad truth is that life has been kicking my butt lately. All in good ways mind you, but it has been so busy that I’ve not had time to blog, to write, or basically do anything beyond putting one foot in front of the other for the past six weeks or so. After Dragon con, life got caught up in a whirlwind of activity involving moving to the west coast, starting a new job, and relocating and reorienting myself.

2015-09-13 11.47.53
I owe a great big thank you to my former roommate Sandra, who helped me pack and load (And threw a nice little party). Annie & Greg who showed up unexpectedly with pizza and starbucks (OMG guys, thank you SO much!) and to my lovely and wonderful boyfriend Steve, who drove out from California, helped load, spent a night on the floor of my empty house (sorry!), and then hauled the big trailer back for me.

The drive out to CA was lovely, with only one minor snafu – a ticket that was entirely my fault.

Then things got interesting.

2015-09-15 11.32.39I started out life in Los Angeles with a little bit of sanctioned B&E. My landlord didn’t get me the keys to the new place on time, (he didn’t even have them!) but he thought the place would be unlocked and that I would be able to walk right in. Not so much. We got to the place and it was locked up tight, the guy that DID have the keys wouldn’t be back until evening, and I had movers coming. Oh, and it was raining. With the help of the neighbors we found an unlocked window, popped the screen out and made like cat burglars. Of course this was a high up utility window, so I ended up climbing a tree, wiggling in through the window, and dropping down inside so I could unlock the place. It was obvious the maintenance guy had been working on things – there were cans of paint, slabs of sheetrock and a variety of tools scattered about. There were also, most handily, two new door lock kits waiting to be installed. Those got installed quickly. And then we waited… and waited… and waited for the moving guys to show up. Two hours later they finally arrived. Apparently confirming via the written form of email, giving them all the details, and getting a confirmation reply was not enough for them. Anyway. I digress.

My first day on the job was equally exciting. The CEO (my boss) decided that it would be best if I started in the middle of their largest trade show of the year. It’s surprising like working at a convention, minus the cool costumes, and with a heck of a lot more overt misogyny.  (Not so much from my co-workers, but from the rest of the people there.) And for the first time I did actually see rented booth babes. I felt sorry for them – but that’s an entirely different blog.

2015-09-16 23.29.24
Starting a new job during a trade show event is a bit like being dumped off the deep end of the pool. You learn to swim really quickly, and on the whole it was fun working the floor. It wasn’t until after we closed up shop for the day that it got really interesting though. I kid you not, they took me to a rave, at Disney, and all of them got entirely, smashingly drunk.  There were even glow-sticks, flashing rings, and eyelashes made out of feathers. Also, I wish I had video of everyone dancing.

And that was my first two days in town. Thankfully it’s slowed down a little bit (not much) since then. And I’m trying to get on writing the November Story for Story of the Month Club.


Oh. And did I mention my boyfriend is awesome? 2015-09-18 08.03.36