Dragon Con-Day 1

I optimistically say day 1 knowing I will likely have neither the time, nor the energy to post for the rest of the weekend. 

I started my day at the ungodly hour at 4:30 am, trying to make a 7:45 am flight from Denver. This went surprisingly well, particularly given the lack of convenient caffeinated beverages. The flight was smooth, and I was wheels down in Atlanta by about 1:00 – several hours ahead of all of my compatriots. Scouting our table placement, I was pleased to find that we received prime placement this year; directly adjacent to Voltaire, and Pandora Celtica at the base of the escalators. It’s also a great place to watch people arriving at con, and I had the great pleasure of visiting with various members of Emerald Rose, and several other longtime Dragon Con Friends. I also got to see my book: The Official Dragon Con Survival Guide, out in the wild for the first time!! 

Eventually my band – ok, so clarification- I’m not actually IN the band, but I’ve been managing their booth for nearly 15 years, so I’m a bit possessive of them- eventually my band arrived. (The Brobdingnagian Bards) and we got badges, dinner, etc. taken care of. Then my box of books was delivered, and I had to carry them over to my publisher (long story). And for the first time ever (and hopefully the last) I lost my badge. 

That’s right… I lost my badge. And Dragon Con does not replace lost badges. And some mysterious, awesome person, actually turned it in to the lost and found. I’m going to glue that sucker to my forehead from now on. 

Finished the evening out listening to Frenchy and the Punk on the concourse stage, and then figuring out how to get to my hotel. And that doesn’t even cover half of what today actually held. I’ll post pictures when my internet connection allows.