Updates and Year in Review

To say that it’s been a crazy year would be an understatement. 2014 saw the following achievements:

  1. I closed a business (believe me, this was an achievement not a failure.)
  2. I said goodby to some former friends
  3. I made quite a few new friends
  4. I submitted my first novel to a contest. I didn’t win, but I did submit!
  5. I opened a business (Story of the Month Club – go check it out!)
  6. I had my first short story published in Steampunk Trails 2
  7. I published my first book through WordFire Press: Charisma +1: The Guide to Convention Etiquette for Gamers, Geeks and the Socially Awkward 
  8. I published my first novelette: Sapphire Eyes Are Smiling
  10. I wrote my second book: Booking the Library – out in early 2015 unless it magically finishes itself by tomorrow.

The last half of the year was considerably busier than the first half, and I suspect that was just the ramp up to 2015, which so far is shaping up to be extremely promising.


Questions for Librarians that Organize Programing

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Hi All!

For many years I worked as a booking agent, putting musicians and libraries together for their mutual benefit, now I’m writing a book for musicians and entertainers that would like to perform at libraries and haven’t quite figured out how to go about that. It’s basically a road-map for them to follow.

I’ve gotten feedback from a number of performers already, but now I would like to hear from the people doing the hiring. (note: particularly thoughtful answers may be included verbatim with proper attribution. I will follow up individually in those instances.)

What is the one thing you wish performers knew before they showed up at the library?

If you could give advice  to a new group that wanted to perform at libraries, what would it be?

Other than a bad performance, what is one thing that has actually happened to you that would make you say to yourself, “I will never hire that group again?”

What is one thing that would make you say, “I am definitely bringing that group back!”

Thank you so much for your help with this project. The working title is ‘Booking the Library’ (title suggestions welcome as well) and I expect it will be out early next year.


Jessica Brawner



Progress Report

I reached my 50,000 words for NaNo, but that wasn’t the end of my story by a long shot. In the weeks since Nov. 30th I have scarcely had time to work on Captain Jac and the Seven Deadly Sins.

I took a week off after NaNo to do edits and formatting for Booking the Library. Those are done, now on to Cover Creation for that project.

I also  took some time away from Seven Deadly Sins to finally finish uploading and formatting the hard-copy cover of Sapphire Eyes Are Smiling. I just got the proof in for that last night and decided, since it was short, and pertinent to Seven Deadly Sins as well, that I would actually read it again. Wow I’m glad I did. Somehow (probably a copy paste error) there were entire sentences missing, and entire passages that made NO sense because of it. (It’s amazing the difference 5 words can mean to an entire passage.)

So today I did a quick edit on the entire story and re-uploaded the interior files for SEAS. It will be a much better story now. It’s possible I need to do the same thing to the e-book version as well, I haven’t had time to check yet.

Now I’m back to working on Seven Deadly Sins. Instead of jumping immediately into writing I decided to give the whole 50k words a read through and edit, so that I can make sure things are making sense in the story still.  (Do you ever reach that point in NaNo where you’re putting down words, but not sure things are hanging together? Yeah, trying to avoid compounding those errors is what I’m doing now.)

Today between doing work at my actual job I managed to get 40 pages read and edited, and highlighted a couple of passages that either a) have to go entirely or b) need serious re-writes.

Question: What do you think about using a character remembering a first meeting fondly as a way to give backstory on a romance that has, thus far, not been explained?




My novel isn’t actually done, but I did reach 50,000. I figure I’ve got another 30-40,000 to actually finish, but it’s coming along nicely. Not sure I’m thrilled with the piece of software I’ve been using to write this one. It has advantages – it transfers across my iPad, MacBook Pro and iPhone with ease. Downside – it does not seem to have a find and replace feature which will be necessary in the editing process.  Find feature yes – replace not so much.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming novel – Captain Jac and the Seven Deadly Sins!